Dependent on a student’s age, ability and personal preference I deliver 30, 45 and 60 minute piano lessons. I advise shorter lessons of 30 minutes for children, 45 minutes for young and beginner adults and 60 minutes for intermediate and advanced students.
Piano lessons primarily take place in my purpose built studio in the Woolton/Gateacre area of Liverpool and are taught on a Bechstein Model V grand piano or a top of the range Schimmel upright piano. The studio is the perfect place for learning piano in an environment which is calm and relaxed.
If it is more suitable you, I am prepared to travel within reason to your home. For more information please contact me.
To check my availability and to book your first piano lesson please click here.
30 minutes : £15

45 minutes : £20

60 minutes : £25

Block bookings

Piano lessons can be paid for by cheque, cash or bank transfer (BACS) either weekly, monthly or quarterly whichever suits you best.
If you need to cancel a lesson I ask that you cancel within 48 hours’ of the lessons starting time.
Lessons are individually tailored around your aspirations enabling you to learn music that inspires you so you can achieve your musical goals.
When teaching I encourage that you participate in all aspects of music syllabus, which includes reading music, musical theory, play by ear, improvisation and composition. This gives you a good experience of working with a variety of styles.
You are never too old or too young to start learning the piano. My portfolio of students includes a mixed range of ages including children, young adults, mature adults and retirees. All I ask is that students have a keen interest to learn.
There are no special requirements when learning the piano I teach a range of different students who all have different life experiences and education needs.
I teach a range of students with different abilities some are absolute beginners and have never sat at a piano before others are advance performing pianists. Therefore I have no restriction on the level of your abilities and I am certain my lessons can assist you in achieving your specific goals.
If you would like to complete musical exams I cover all Grades using the ABRSM Grade syllabus in both Practical and Theoretical Sessions to prepare students. In addition I offer assistance with preparation for GCSE, A – Level, BTEC performances and accompaniment. However exams are not compulsory when learning the piano and if your aspiration is to take lessons for pleasure or to improve your existing skills that’s absolutely fine.
Depending on your schedule I generally recommend weekly or fortnightly piano lessons as this provides consistency of study. Progress is languished by skipping or cancelling too many lessons as motivation and momentum is lost.
To benefit from the lessons and to make good progress you will need to own a suitable piano/keyboard to practice on which I am happy to assist you in purchasing if you do not already have one.
I suggest practice sessions of between 15 to 20 minutes per day for beginners, however if this is not possible a minimum of four 20 minute sessions between lessons.
This all depends on your own goals and aspirations which I will attain on the first lesson. All my students have different goals they want to achieve some want to complete examinations others want to learn for pleasure or to improve existing skills which is absolutely fine. The time it takes to achieve your goal depends on you as an individual, some learn faster and practise harder than others however the guidance and knowledge you receive in each of my lessons will take you one step further to reaching your goal.